A road of colour

More than forty years researching and developing new techniques to bring our products to the highest level of quality guaranty the company’s initial project. Currently we keep focusing our efforts on customer service through direct collaboration.

With a great human, technology and distribution team, we can continue to offer with more strength than ever optimal quality in our entire range of products. We also provide service adapted to the needs of each customer, and a sustained and competitive economy.

Our fund of water-borne paints consolidates a continued commitment to the environment and to the highest quality. We provide great products to the market with the leading technology acquired over the years.

We invite you to get to know us better through our website. We are a dynamic, adaptable company, with great potential, able to fully satisfy all your expectations.

Work well done

In the process of making all our products we only use the best raw materials, which exceed all required controls. Along with strict monitoring of suppliers according to our quality assurance system under ISO 9001:2015 standard, they guarantee that our products meet quality standards and all the necessary requirements for applications to which they are intended.

The high test we did in collaboration with our suppliers and laboratories of approval, the monitoring to our customers, together with the combination of high quality materials, allows us to offer products that satisfy only too well the needs of our customers with all the guarantees to be sure of our work with the level of demand that has always characterized us in PINTURAS DE LA PEÑA.

The continuous change of the market makes us go ahead on the technology used by constantly investing in latest generation machinery to offer innovative products.

The quality is measured by customer satisfaction. PINTURAS DE LA PEÑA introduced and maintains a quality management system based on the standard UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 in the design and manufacture of water-based paints, which provides for a number of procedures focused on customer satisfaction through the quality and continuity in our products and services (delivery periods, adaptation of lots times, advice, etc…)

As a result of our good work, career, effort and enthusiasm, we have obtained different awards that we undertake with the quality, improvement and evolution of our products.

Cumplimos las certificaciones ISO 9001 a la calidad de nuestros productos y servicios

Premio Master Internacional de EmpresasInternational master’s degree in Business

Premio Master Internacional de EmpresasDC100 Trophy Commitment to quality