Odorless Matt Paint Ag+

Odorless Matte Plastic Paint for interior/Exterior with Antibacterial Protecction.
Paint with European certificate ECOLABEL nº reg. ES08/044/0012

Matt plastic paint SOLVENT FREE, with very low odor which makes it especially suitable for decoratingand protecting interior surfaces that are to be dealt with immediately (hospitals, residences for the elderly, kindergartens, schools, etc.). It can also be used outdoors.
Special features:
Very low odor, solvent free, glycol free, ammonia free, alkhylphenol ethoxylate free. The SILVER IONSadditives grant it when dry resistance to bacteria growth. This product contains agents which inhibit and prevent the growth of bacteriaon the surface of this paint filmeven after several cleaning cycles (the effectis unaltered in time). Very good coverageand extreme whiteness. Good finish to the sight and to the touch. It has a good resistance to the alkalinity of the cement. It has good adhesion, it is flexible, durable and breathable.

tr>Solid in volume %40% +/- 2

Colour White
Finish Matt
Specific weight 1,63 +/-0,05 gr./cc.
Viscosity on time of packaging 115 K.U. at 25º C
Fixed matter % 65% +/- 2
Performance 8 – 10 m2/kg per coat depending on the state of the surface
Wet film recommended thickness Clase 2 UNE-EN ISO 11998:2017
Dry film recommended thickness 26 – 34 microns per coat (recommended minimunm 2-3 coats)
Dry-to-touch time 60 – 90 minutes (UNE 48301:1999)
Curing time 21 days
Recoat 4 to 6 hours minimum. Maximum without limit
Thin with Clean water
Presentation 5 and 23kg containers
Conservation Keep away from extreme temperatures
VOC’s Cat A/a (legal limit 30 g/l). Maximum content 0,9 g/l Classification according to French VOCregulation (ISO 16000)


A+(the best classification due to its low emissions)
(*see detailed report)

It can be applied by brush, roller or spray. Surfaces to be painted must be clean and dry. Do not apply when air and surface temperatures are below 5° C or above 35º C.
It is a product specially indicated for exteriors, because it is there where its special properties are revealed.It can be applied to cement, plaster, concrete, brick, stonework, etc. First coat should be thinned with 10-15% of clean water, and the second with 8-12%.
For domestic use only. Keep out of reach of children.

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    Other colours available with minimum order of 400 kg.
    Certificado EU Ecolabel.pdf (Spanish)
    Ensayo Actividad Antibacteriana Mate Extra Sin Olor-Ag+.pdf (Spanish)
    Informe Simplificado Emicode Mate Extra Ag+.pdf (Spanish)
    Informe French VOC Label Mate Extra Sin Olor.pdf (French)
    Informe Simplificado French VOC Label Mate Extra Sin Olor.pdf (Spanish)
    Informe de ensayo de reacción al fuego 1.pdf (Spanish)
    Informe de ensayo de reacción al fuego 2.pdf (Spanish)