Indoor Acrylic Mat Paint (Professional Quality)

This is a matte paint that is not washable. This paint is exclusive for indoor by its emulsions and good loads reinforced titanium dioxide. It has a great whiteness and good covering power.

Colour White
Finish Matte
Specific weight 1,66 +/- -0.05 gr./cc.
Viscosity at time of packaging 110 K.U. at 25º C
Fixed material % 66% +/- 5
Solid on volume % 40% +/- 5
Performance 6 – 7 m2/Lt. per coat on depending of the state of the surface
Minimum dry thickness 32-36 microns per coat
Drying time 1 – 2 hours
Total treat 21 days
Repainting 10 – 12 hours minimum, maximum without limit
Diluent Fresh water
Packaging 12 Lt. container
Conservation Keep away from extreme temperatures.
COV´S Cat A/a (legal limit 30 g/l). Max. Cont. 25 g/l

It can be applied by brush, roller or spray gun. Before the application, the paint must be completely dry and clean, and it should not be applied at temperatures below 5°C or higher than 35°C.

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    Colours according to sample under minimal order of 400 Kgs.