Epoxy Paint for floors of Two Components (High Solid)

It is a self-leveling paint based on epoxy resins of two-components, it’s free of solvent and indicated to be applied to concrete or cement floors. It is a high solids product that allows high thickness, gloss finish, presenting a completion of high hardness and chemical resistance.
It is particularly suitable for indoor floorings where high mechanical and chemical resistance, as well as a daily cleaning is required. warehouses, laboratories, fishmongers, butchers etc.

Colour White, red and colours by order
Finishing Brilliant
Specific weight 1’62 +/- 0’05 gr./cc.
Specific weight in the mix 1’45 gr./cc. +/- 0’05 gr./cc.
Viscosity on having trippled 120 Sg cup Ford 4 to 25º C
Fixed material % 98 % +/- 2
Solid in volume % 98 % +/- 2
Theoric performance 4-5m2/ Lt ((over leveled floors) and it depends of the state.
Minimum recommended thickness 250-400 microns on two hands
Drying at touch 6 – 8 hours
Total treat 7 – 8 days
Life of the mix 35 – 45 minutes 20º C
Repainting 16 – 24 hours (maximum 7 days without opening the pore)
Diluent Epoxy Solvent
Presentation 14 Lt. mixing (15 Kg. + 5 Kg.) and 4 Lt. mixing (4,3 Kg. + 1,4 Kg.)
Conservation Keep away from extreme temperatures
Stepable 24 hours
Walkable 48 hours
COV’S Cat A/j (legal limit 500 g/l) max. cont. 110 g/l
Colour Transparent clear
Specific weight 1’17 +/- 0’05 gr./cc.
TECHNICAL DATA (applus+ certificate)
Tensile strength of concrete 3.9 N/mm2 Class B 2.0 (UNE-EN 13813)
Flexural strength 69.* N/mm2 Class F 50 (UNE EN 13813)
Compression strength 80.0 N/mm2 Class C 80 (UNE-EN 13813)
Hardness surface 211 N/mm2 Class SH 200(UNE-EN 13892)
Impact strength 14.7 N/mm2 (to 1500 mm height)

The epoxy paint can be applied by brush, roller or notched trowel and finally used a roll of barbed to correctly remove the air occluded in the film. For roller application, we will use a wool or thread of short hair roller.
Add hardener (Comp. B) to the pigmented base (Comp A), mixing them by hand or with mechanical stirrer of low rpm (to not produce foam) until you get a perfect homogenization. Wait for 4-5 minutes approximately before you begin your application.
We will apply a first coat of epoxy (can be diluted between 4-5% solvent epoxy) and wait 24 hours to give the second maximum. It is necessary to sand and prepare the surface between layers, provided that they have spent more than 24 hours between the application of the first and second or successive.
Do not apply at inside temperature below 10°C or higher than 30°C and air humidity should be less than 80 %.

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       width=White, red and colours by order

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