Waterborne Epoxy paint of two components (thin layer)

Waterborne coating epoxy with very low odor flooring of concrete, asphalt and other materials in industries, warehouses, car parks, workshops, warehouses, hospitals, etc. It can also be used for walls in those places that need a coating with good chemical resistance and easy cleaning as schools, abattoirs, warehouses, hospitals, etc. It has excellent characteristics of hardness, resistance to abrasion, scratch and chemical resistance. Only indoor. Its appearance is smooth, satin-gloss, and is breathable.

Colour White and colours by order
Finishing Smooth glossy
Specific weight 1’56 +/- 0’05 gr./cc.
Specific weight of the mix 1’50 +/- 0’05 gr./cc.
Viscosity on having trippled 120 according cup Ford no. 4 to 25 ºC
Fixed material % 74% +/- 5
Solid in Volume % 49% +/- 5
Performance 7 – 8 m2/Lt (per coat and depending on the state of the surface).
Minimum recommended thickness 80 – 120 microns on two coats
Total treat 7 – 8 days
Life of the mix 90 – 120 minutes
Repainting 20 – 24 hours (7 days maximum without need to open pore)
Diluent Fresh water
Presentation Containers in 4lt (A) and 750 ml (B)
Conservation Keep away from extreme temperatures.
COV’S Cat A/j (legal limit 140 g/l) max. cont. 5 g/l
Colour Transparent Clear
Specific weight 1’16 +/- 0’05 gr./cc.
TECHNICAL DATA (applus+ certificate)
Tensile strength of concrete 3.8 N/mm2 Class B 2.0 (UNE – EN 13813)

Add hardener (Comp. B) to the pigmented base (Comp. A), mixing them by hand or with mechanical stirrer of low rpm (to not produce foam) until you get a perfect homogenization. Wait for 4-5 minutes approximately before you begin your application.
It can be applied by brush or roller to short hair. To paint walls must be clean and dry, not apply with ambient temperatures below 10°C or higher 30°C and air humidity should be less than 80%. It can be diluted for a first-hand between 4-5% with water. It can repaint within 24 hours and a maximum of 7 days.

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       width=White and colours by order

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