Charitable day

Participants with Alvaro Jiménez, Olvido Hormigos and the Mayor of Mora, Emilio Bravo.

On December 28th 2013, a charity match was played between bullfighters and famous journalists. Pinturas de la Peña participated and adds his “two cents” to work with a charity cause. The star-man of the day was Álvaro Jiménez (thirty-one year old), who went the proceed collects. Olvido Hormigos was the person responsible for doing the “honor kick-off”. The event was also attended our founder D. Valentin Moreno, who wanted to take the opportunity to be photographed next to the sponsored team of bullfighters.

The ex-councilwoman Olvido Hormigos, after make the “charitable kick-off”.
Our founder Valentin Moreno, with the team of bullfighters.