Decorate Christmas

The magic of Christmas, excited children and adults.
It’s approaching the last month of the year. Family meetings, dinners, visits from friends, etc. It is time to take stock and planning with the best wishes the next year. Decorating the home these days has become a ritual. Perhaps has the time to make this small reform that we have always wanted, or paint those corners that can compare with our furniture. They are times of illusion and a small change in our home decoration create a warm Christmas atmosphere.

Gold, is one of the colours used most often, in these dates.

In Pinturas de la Peña, we offer you a wide variety of products that will help you to give these unique atmosphere in your home. The cream or chocolate are basic colours within our range of paintings that combined with a wide variety of decorative elements.
Our product “PeñaStar 015” is a special paint with small particles “iridescent” of various colours and great beauty to come into contact with light. Peña Plateado and Dorado are two special products for walls, which you can use to paint some other object, which together with candles can add more emphasis to your table.
Do not forget to also see our plastic paint gold and silver, in its fair measure you can get this “chic” detail that will, no doubt, to all our guests.

Some of our products, ideal for these holidays.

Another important aspect to consider is the lighting. The warmth of candlelight or a good chimney is sufficient to give that touch of magic that fills these days.
Don’t forget to use the colours red, green, or white. All if same are a good choice for these days. And finally, if you have the opportunity to have ambient background music, will create something almost perfect so all the people that visit you visit or pass by your house and remember those unforgettable moments. Merry Christmas.

The lighting plays an important role in giving a Christmas “atmosphere”.