Colortherapy (Cromotherapy)

Colours to heal and the importance of a well choosing.

One of the important parts that we sometimes forget when decorating our spaces is choosing our colour, perhaps not choose with the knowledge or we paying enough attention regarding our health.
Colour influences our mood, and our lives as we submit to every step, the streets of the big cities, the lighting (and its “color temperature” warm, cold), the rooms of our home, even in our locker room. There are colours that heal from the “Egyptian era” and the colours were used for therapeutic purposes. And it’s true colours will “radiate” energy that is perceived by our senses and our emotions directly affect. This gives us for example, the green serenity, the blue helps healing, yellow helps concentration in studies or intellectual tasks, red stimulates willpower… There are numerous studies on energy and color, where we can learn to choose and combine the right colours for better emotional health. But do not go far to understand what we are talking about, if we escape to a natural environment and pay attention to our surroundings, flowers, trees, land, sea and especially like the light incident on the colours and how that combination makes us feel, we see its importance. In “Pinturas de la Peña”, we consider to create the colour, the nature, she gives us the best images that inspire us.
Add some colour to your life, and find the colour that you feel helps you to be better. In “Pinturas de la Peña”, we can help you to choose between different colour charts and provide over 20,000 colours for your projects.